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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

There's Been an Update, Read Up.

The blog I posted about before has been updated. Read up!




We're Not Going To Stop.

To Whom it Ought to Concern,
Thank you to everyone who has read this blog so far and has expressed concern and the wish to help us. We are working to collect members within and outside our community, but for the time being it's a good idea to get some of the ignored stories out there.
The following message is the first response received in reaction to this movement, and this person has agreed to let us report this to our community.
***     A Former Athlete:     In my short stint at the college I knew of 3 sexual assault cases that happened ...

Follow the think to read more: http://notabystander2014.blogspot.com/2014/01/were-not-going-to-stop.html

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Received an Important Email today...

Received this email today. Check it out. It's some important stuff and really matters. Spread the word.

To Whom it Ought to Concern --

There have been disturbing happenings on one college campus in the past years. The administration is refusing to acknowledge the issue, and many students -- women especially -- are being harmed without any help. Please read the following link to a blog post:

We need the world to know. Please do what you can to share this. No one deserves to be treated in such a way.
Someone who's tired of this.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Summer's Delay

Right, to re-summarize myself: I am...
----An observer
----A college student
----currently writing this on the train ride back to school
----aaaaaaaaaand pay for my college tuition on my own.

In conclusion: I have been working all summer towards paying for school, books and art supplies, while working in restaurants where I get to talk to lovely -- and some not-so-lovely --  customers, customers, customers! And by talking, I mean listening -- another form of observation. And i have tons of stories for you. The only reason I couldn't write them as these instances occurred is because I worked at THREE of these lovely entertainment sources.
Actually, each restaurant I worked at was a bit different -- even though they were all located around this little, New England, coastline tourist trap and were all seasonal. This was due to the time of day I worked there, the days of the week, and the general way the places were advertised tended to attract different realms of customers.

**Burt Dow's Place: A Family Tradition -- 
Type: Family owned and run; attached to a similarly owned and run hotel
Staff: diverse staff; grumpy-as-hell hostess; waitstaff surviving off coffee; hilarious kitchen-staff.
Location: Right on the water with some clientele who dock their fancy yachts off the pier. A ten-minute walk outside the hotter parts of town.
Time worked: Every day from 7-11ish in the morning.
General clientele: Old-timers who had been coming since they were quite young with their grandparents; middle-aged  couples -- lawyers -- trying to have a "relaxing weekend" while never too far from their  cell phones or other technological thingy-doos; younger couples with sleepy, screaming children; and generational tables with 4-6 young to college-aged children, 4 middle-aged adults and a set of grandparents.
Weekday Atmosphere:  calm, relaxed, mildly talkative about whereabouts and interests
Weekend Atmosphere: hellish with screaming children, bitchy women who grumble that you get their orders wrong because they were failing at multitasking when ordering breakfast at the same time as checking EVERY email on their phones (those ones tend to be from New Jersey, actually)

**The Out-of-Towner's Delight --
Type: Owned and run by some big corporation on the West coast; attached to a hotel; advertised to a lot of bus-tours taken by old, adorable  biddies.
Staff: waitstaff is mainly formed of bitter 20 and 30 somethings, all state-local, racist, judging, homophobic and disdainful towards those who actually try to make the customers happy; bussers are generally foreign, getting more hell from the servers than they deserve and oftentimes doing the servers' work themselves; Kitchen-staff made up of a few ex-cons, a hilarious head-chef, and obnoxiously sexist sous-chef, and a couple of loveable dudes from Afghanistan (college students like myself, just trying to pay for tuition); an amazing hostess who knows the job but gets shit from the fancier servers (the gremlins....)
Location: Right on the water, directly across the harbor from **Burt Dow's Place: A Family Tradition; right in the heart of the busy-bits of town; across from a delicious coffee shop (I chug a double espresso right before the night shift)
Time worked: Every other day from 4-10.45ish at night
General clientele: The miscellaneous  couple with a kid or two; older  couples meeting up as a "summer thing" -- generally from the surrounding New England states that are more in-land areas; and Bus-tours galore, pouring forth dozens of aged women with disgruntled husbands, uncomfortable and sometimes cranky from their travels away from the surrounding states.
Week-night atmosphere: quietly grumbling bus-tours sectioned off in their own little pen in the dining room -- brew the decaf coffee!; scattered older couples each ordering a bottle of wine of the table, generally a mild, sweet-tempered drunkenness in the air over their tables; some disgruntled and rude personalities -- short tempers and whatnot -- generally middle-aged couples from New Jersey with crippling attachment to their phones and a tendency to avoid eye contact and smiling (they keep saying "Oh, we're here to get away from it all!" But, really....)
Weekend Atmosphere: Quite drunken with many requests for special bar drinks, bottles of wine, deck seating, and loud laughter following slurred speech; big tippers and many orders for lobster and blueberry pie; weddings seem to happen a lot on Saturdays, and the  restaurant closes down on those nights so the waitstaff can serve just that party (oh, god I have a story about a girl I went to middle school with who got married -- she and the maid of honor were the only ones present who couldn't legally drink at the shindig)

**The Soup Mansion
Type: Run by a middle aged couple for thirty-some-odd years; attracts mainly middle-aged to elderly boat owners thirsting for some  serious booze, but also the older locals who enjoy beer and bridge and... beer; classic rock playing from a radio; mostly selling local beer, burgers, and chowder.
Staff: Three people working at a time -- the bar tender, grill cook and waitress; great atmosphere and little stress; I actually work with a few childhood friends there.
Location: Again, right on the water, next to a  parking lot and the footbridge crossing the harbor, making attraction conveniently easy.
Time Worked: Friday and Sunday nights from 4-10ish
General clientele: described in "type"
Weekend Atmosphere: Packed, loud, drunken and humourous. One of my favourite places I worked at this summer.

To be continued... with many stories of silly customers that swarm over my tourist town.

**names have been changed due to the fact that I would like to return to these jobs next summer ---ooooooh it's fun to make up names...

Monday, July 1, 2013

Picture: Spray paint, pastel, ink, and chalk. Based off of the  poem "Fireflies and Freud" http://proseparablespoetry.blogspot.com/2013/05/fireflies-and-freud.html

Saturday, June 29, 2013

MIA- Born Free Music Video

Please Watch This...


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Body (Part 12)

L - Lungs

Breathing in and out, sometimes you don't even notice it -- that function of life and living: breath. But the air is different in different places. In the mountains I breath clear air, light; In the city I breath in a heavy air of cigarette and rubber.
But by the ocean I breath heavy salt and fresh plants and all the winds and life in that place. It fills and stretches my chest with an energy and a freedom. It's the easiest air to breath.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Body (Part 11)

K -- Knees

And then the thunder shook the house.
Paper already shivering and unstable in the breeze skittered further across the table -- many fell onto the spilled ink. The green shot through the fibers and spread like blood.
Lightning lit up the world outside. The shadows of trees stretched across the carpet as the lights snapped out.
His arm warmed around my shoulders and his fingers tightened on my left shoulder. I sighed as I pressed my face into his neck. My knees were tucked up tight under the blanket. Our breathing becomes inaudible under the next roll of thunder.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Love Your Body

 (pic from: http://spatterson3.blogs.plymouth.edu/2012/02/28/11-ways-to-love-your-body/ )

My friend made this video:


It's very true that both men and women, boys and girls are pressured to feel that they aren't good enough -- not good enough to be loved, mostly. "Beautiful" people love "beautiful" people and "ugly" people can neither be loved nor love.
The media creates lists on lists of Things One Must Do for Love
- Women must have protruding hip bones, flat stomachs, visible collarbones, etc...
- Men must have the  "v," terrifyingly sculpted abs,
- One have to eat only the very healthiest of foods
--- If one eats even a mouthful of some greasy food, one must repeat like a mantra, "O.M.G. I like, haven't had this in FORevER and I only ate a granola bar yesterday, so... I deserve this..."
- A woman must wear makeup in such a way that she looks mysterious, while innocent, while seductive, etc.
- A man must wear his facial hair in a way that makes him look mysterious, while creative, while seductive, etc.
- And members of each sex ought to dress to express themselves, while somehow still molding themselves to their social groups and/or idols... because that expresses their true essence, of course.

But what's worse that the media spewing all of this: the people outside the media who take that false advice and then proceed to spread it further in a way that makes them sounds convinced they are ultimately brilliant and hold all the information in the world -- because they are convinced of that. And there are so many of them that they surround your every move, emotion, etc.

Personally, I'm not great with my body either. But I have to say that this has more to do with the people I have been around. The people I am lowest around are the ones who make constant "helpful suggestions" where I have to change things I actually love about myself -- that is, when I'm in a good place with the people who love me and my odd style, body, habits, etc. But I get "advice" on how I should wear more makeup, how I should cover my toes because the smaller one is too much smaller than my big toe But the other toe is fine dear, just fine... , how I shouldn't laugh as loud, or how I shouldn't even read as much because it makes me squint. I get some helpful, average advice, that actually makes sense, like eating healthy and working out, but a lot of the time, that advice doesn't lead up to "care for your beautiful body" -- it's only "You're not good enough." And I'm sure this is the case for many -- that it isn't an idea that comes from obsessing over your own insecurities all on your lonesome, but it's something added to those extra comments you hear about how you are compared to others' perfections; be they celebrities, childhood friends, or siblings you end up getting compared and criticized.

And while some advice is useful, it would really only be truly useful if it were given some sort of praise on the side -- and not the false type (ex. "Oh, you have nice taste in... some music..."), but the true type... I can't think of an example at the moment and have realized that I am much too tired, resulting in an extreme rant that doesn't seem to really be getting anything across, and I don't know if anyone besides a few definite people read this, but if you are and you know what this is about, then please share Ashley's video, comment with what you love about your body, or even respond with your own rants about what people have said to you, or what different things you may have seen in the media or around you that go along these counter-productive lines... have  a nice night... sorry about spelling mistakes, I'm not editing tonight.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Body (Part 10)

J -- Jaw

chops snap
fangs creep down below lip
jowl juts out
mawing the flesh
mouth grins devilishly

teeth snare and tear and rip

muzzle strong and tough, unstoppable

mandible snaps and fear echoes


Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Body (Part 9)

I -- Iris: A Horror Poem

These colours swirl with moods
I saw his bloodshot eyes in the firelight
they flash with anger, zap with fear
The knife rose up and I tried to back away
 They flicker in the light with deep rivets of cool
Hatred danced across his face and lava spewed from his eyes
Eye-contact is a unique experience
those pits in his face glowered devilishly
Feeling noticed, all of a sudden
The blade came down almost slowly
When the blush rises to your cheeks
 I felt the colour drain from my face
 And you glance down in shame or embarrassment
I couldn't look away


Friday, June 14, 2013

The Body (Part 8)

 H - The Head

Quilted thoughts are stitched to oblivion
in miss-matched threads padded with inattention
 along these swirled, patched, and blended fabrics.
Beliefs blend beside history lessons
and art projects confuse all of the maps.
Gauzy fabrics screen the eyes, switching back
and forth between envy-green, and rose-lens
 contented with views or despising them.
Mosquito netting holds the doubts down tight
near the back of the mind and surrounded
by dream-catchers, some hundred-thousand faiths
categorized neat: alphabetically
just to off-set this classic confusion.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Body (Part 7)

G -- Gut

     The scene shivers. Everything is quiet except for the blood rushing through your ears -- you can't even hear the tapping of the pencil as you compulsively tap tap tap in time with your nerves. Something's wrong, something is so wrong, something's wrong wrong wrong.
     No one looks your way. Actually no one is looking anywhere, really -- they're all just shuffling to themselves. Even the couples on this subway car -- even when entwined to the maximum with arms and fingers and hairs -- isolate themselves and glance up, down, eyes closed or open, seeing nothing. And even though you yourself are looking at your companions, you realize that you haven't moved your neck in a while, to look at other surroundings. But you also know: you don't want to move.
     The train shivers again and you know it's not from the train moving -- it hasn't moved in ages. How long have you been here, again? You look down at your watch and repeat, yet again, the useless wish that you had replaced the batteries when you saw them on sale the other day.
     Trying to distract yourself, you pull out the book you were reading last night -- the one that kept you up so late with it's enticing words (you were lucky to have made the train this morning). You pat the cover lightly, knowing that a good story would pull you out of this strange, unending, yet crowded void. Taking a deep breath of reassurance, you open to the page of your tattered bookmark.

     But the pages are blank.
     Your stomach churns and your eyes roll back in your head, observing the ceiling through your skull.


Monday, June 10, 2013

The Body (Part 6)

F -- The Funny Bone: An Rant Overheard Whilst Eves-dropping

"Oh, fuck you! Don't punch me there! It will not make me laugh -- I just had a shot -- a damn flu shot, those fucking hurt! And, anyway, it's a humorus -- that doesn't mean it's funny, or ticklish. It just means that it's another part of my fucking body that will hurt whether you punch me, pinch me, or hit me with a bus. If you're so smart, why haven't you learned about the nervous system yet, huh?"